Uhunt Video and Photo posting Guidelines

Though this is a hunting site dedicated to all forms of hunting. We still need to meet an ethical and legal standard for what is shown. Additionally, we can't be sure that no green group or animal activist groups aren't watching so it's in everyone's best interests to take care with what you post. Whether it's on Uhunt or any other social media platform.

-- By law dogs are not allowed to maul an animal to death or severely injure the animal. So please do not post videos containing mauled animals, or people standing around for excessive periods of time watching the dogs holding the pig. You can actually be charged, fined, and jailed for causing animal cruelty.
-- We all know some pigs squeal at times when dogs are holding them, in this case, please mute the audio on that part of the video or put music over the top. Squealing to the average person can be traumatic and be taken out of context, making what is going on look far worse than it is. There is no reason to have squealing in your videos, it doesn't make the video better, it gives animal activists ammunition to try to ban hunting with dogs.
-- Don't post photos or videos of injured dogs
-- Don't post things that are illegal, such as catching and releasing pigs, tormenting pigs or anything else of that nature.
-- More rules to be added over time. If you have a suggestion please let us know, if you see something that you think is not acceptable please report it. 



Jesse Farr
Uhunt Founder