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  • Luke Stevens Here a little poem I made while I was stuck at school called ode to the pig dog: Through the day, through the night He’ll fight the black and or white He has no papers, he has no breed He is a pig dog, being tough is his creed He gets belted by the beast And stitched and stapled once at least And throughout his fight he’ll show no bluff For he is a pig dog, he is bred and born tuff A dumb dog will die quick But a smart dog is fast and slick For they might get a hook through the heart And then you will have to start from the start He is strong, it might even be his name For weakling don't last long in this game Each scar he wears with pride Some on his shoulder, some on his side He might hang, he might bail Either are as hard as nails He might be retired he might be dead but he is a pig dog, his blood runs red!
    Jul 12

  • Jac Roy question to all Aussie doggers....Is it illeagle to tie pigs up and keep them alive over there?
    November 3, 2017

  • Dylan Matthews Couple hogs kids loving the heat
    Feb 13