All Welding done

  • Custom Dog Kennels
    Made to order just the way you need it. Each kennel has solid hard wood flooring making it durible, free from Termites & countersunk head bolts.

    The colour bond finish comes in lots of different colours & the completed product is designed to match your property & is no eyesaw. The Kennels are built on sliders, making mowing & watering easyier.

    Heavy duity hindgers & lockable doors control your dogs space, enabeling a safe environment for all.

    It gives you a sense of well-being without the stress of uncontrollable dogs getting out of your yard.

    It can be fitted with a enclosed run off the front which gives some exercise.

    They can be fitted with their own self watering system, bed & shade cloth

    It can be cleaned simply by hose without wetting the entire kennel.

    Custom made Trays

    I can custom make a tray designed by you. Options

    1. Tool boxes

    2. Duel Fuel tanks

    3. Lights

    4. Full side boards or half side boards.

    5. Roof Tents for duel cabs & all utes

    Ute Cages

    Custom made Ute Cages to your design.

    1. Overhead cranes

    2. Water tanks

    3. Quick release

    4. Split cage