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BRISTLE UP_POSTED_BY uhunt     August 1, 2017    


This is a story about a very lucky young fella called Brock Irwin who crashed his ute into the side of a culvert late on a Thursday night when he was heading to pick up a mate to go hunting. He asked us if we wanted to do something in the magazine about his accident so this is what happened. Myself, Bec, Jonny Hillhouse and Tamara Bowker had met up to hunt for the Jambin Boar Comp, we had been hunting earlier in the night while waiting for Steve Reeves to meet up with us. We headed to the turn off where we were going to meet Reevesy, we waited a long time and Reevesy had not turned up. We saw a ute go past and Bec pointed out “there’s a pig hunter”. We waited a minute or so before deciding we would drive the thirty minutes or so to get service and call Reevesy. As we headed down the road I was telling Jonny Hillhouse about how I had a sat phone and how it could save a life one day and maybe I should just use it to call Reevesy. As I said that we could see a truck pulled up with hazard lights on and then lights hit the side of the ute as we drove over a culvert. We wondered what it was and started thinking the worst. The truck driver said it was a ute off the road back there, I jammed our ute in reverse, got back there, then jumped out and ran down to find a young fella (who we now know as Brock) trapped and barely conscious. Smoke was still coming out of the engine bay and the motor was warm, meaning the accident had only just happened. Jonny, Tamara and Bec were with me and gave him support while I ran back up to our ute, grabbed my sat phone and called 000. I gave them the GPS coordinates on the tracker and told them we need the fire brigade, ambulance and a helicopter as soon as possible. I stayed on the sat phone and went back down to Brock and talked to the lady about what was happening. By this time Reevesy had turned up and was helping us. We had to make sure the vehicle was safe and not at risk of catching fire, and to try our best to keep Brock calm and to try and stop him from moving too much. He had the steering wheel wedged into his chest and he literally didn’t have even a centimetre of room, he was incredibly lucky to not have been crushed.

Everyone did a great job, especially Tamara who stayed with him the entire time and kept talking to him. Jonny was helping Reevesy and trying to come up with a “worst case” plan for if we needed to get him out of the vehicle in a hurry. He had a bad head injury and had been bleeding from one of his ears, which is what had us worried the most. It also sounded like he had a punctured lung but other than that, it didn’t look like he had more major injuries. Then came the moment when all our hearts just dropped, it was one of the scariest things any of us had experienced; Brock started having a seizure which threw his body around violently. Tamara stopped his head from hitting anything but couldn’t hold him properly from where she was, I managed to squeeze in backwards through one of the ute’s windows and I stayed in there with him until the fire brigade and ambulance turned up. They cut the roof off the ute, and the door, and slid him out on a stretcher. By this time, we could hear the helicopter that was coming to pick him up. They got him on his way and from then on it was up to the doctors. It was a very scary experience for all of us and an eye opener, all we could think about was if he was going to be okay and what his family would be going through. We could all agree as to how well the fire brigade from Springsure in QLD handled everything, out of all the emergency services they had impressed us the most with their professionalism and expertise. We all played a part and we hope that if it was one of us found like that, that anyone else would do the same. We have kept in contact with Brock’s Mum and Dad, he underwent surgery and it was touch and go for a little bit but he pulled through and it looks like he will make a full recovery. We hope that we can all meet up with Brock and his family soon, under better circumstances. Brock has been on all our minds throughout his treatments and we are so glad that he is recovering well… he is one lucky man. We encourage everyone to be careful on the roads and out hunting, and to get yourself a sat phone or an epirb. They are not as expensive as you might think and could very well save your life or someone else’s one day. We travel all over the country, to some very remote locations and I often think “what would you do if something went wrong and you didn’t have a sat phone or epirb?”. Happy hunting everyone, and be safe!

P.S. We are all so glad to of been there to help him and we thank Brocks family for keeping in constant contact with us through out his recovery and it was so good to talk to Brock when he was able. Such a wonderful family and good people we are glad we where there to help and would hope anyone would do the same for us. Please be safe out there while on the roads it can all be over so fast. We recommend everyone to get an Epirb or a Satphone it could save your life or someone elses one day. Messages and calls from the Irwin Family have touched our hearts and brought tears to our eyes we are glad we where able to help.


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  • boots teer
    boots teer  · August 5, 2017
    yeh mate awsome .. thanks for what you do ...
  • Jesse Farr
    Jesse Farr  · August 2, 2017
    Yeag mate we did our best