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The Black Berry Boar
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The Black Berry Boar

BRISTLE UP_POSTED_BY uhunt     Mar 3    


I’ve been hunting for about 5 years now, since I was 11 Dad has taken me out with him and his mates. We got Lola (our dog) and started to hunt more by ourselves once we got onto a few properties. Then 2 years later Dad said I could get a new pup so I got Bonnie from a mate and got her going. My dad and I had organised to meet a property owner just on daylight, about 6:00am on Sunday morning, to have a look for some pigs. As he was taking us around his place and showing us the gullies, we stopped on a hill. He said he had seen a mob of pigs going into a black berry bush down that gully the other afternoon when he was moving cattle to another paddock. There were a few big black berry bushes up there so we continued driving and got to the bottom of the hill. The plan was to walk up the gully where the farmer thought there would be pigs. We got the dogs ready; Bonnie is now 2 years old, a Bully/Wolfhound/Stag and Lola is a 4 year old Bull Arab. We started walking the gully, we had been going for a little while when Dad spotted a good sized mob of pigs in the open above some black berries up the hill. I grabbed both dogs just to see what the wind was doing, it was in our favour so I let both Lola and Bonnie go. They spotted the pigs we had seen, and off they went up the hill. They ran past one of the black berry openings but did a massive right angle turn smashing into another opening of the bush. The noise was incredible as they hit up on what sounded like a good boar. We ran up to the black berry bush that they were in and they pulled the boar out of the black berries down into a patch of stinging nettles. The boar had a bit of fight in him, giving the dogs a fair go in the thick stuff. Dad ran in to grab the boar, as he ran in he slipped over an was eye to eye with the boar. He quickly tried to get to his feet but the boar just got him on the elbow and ripped his jumper. With that close call we got in and grabbed him to dispatch him. After taking a few photos we made our way back down the hill and called it a morning. If I had any advice it would be; once you get a property it pays to do the right thing and get a good name out there, farmers talk to one another. Get the basic gear you need for the dogs and yourself, be safe and if you’re going to flip a pig go in 100% ready.